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Your Ultimate Surveillance Solution
Upgrade your security measures with the innovative Cellerius Light Bulb Security Camera. This cutting-edge device seamlessly combines the functionality of a light bulb and a security camera, offering you unparalleled convenience and protection.
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A Cellerius is a type of surveillance camera that is designed to look like a standard light bulb. These cameras are often used in commercial and industrial settings, as they are less likely to be noticed than a traditional camera. Cellerius can be used for a variety of purposes, such as security, safety, and monitoring.

Introducing the Cellerius Limited Edition

Experience the pinnacle of surveillance technology with the Cellerius Limited Edition. Crafted to redefine home security, this exclusive variant combines cutting-edge features with unmatched aesthetics, ensuring your safety without compromising on style.

Exquisite Design

The Cellerius Limited Edition boasts a sleek and sophisticated design that seamlessly integrates into any living space, enhancing both its visual appeal and security capabilities.

Enhanced Video Quality

Enjoy unparalleled video clarity with enhanced resolution and color accuracy. This limited edition captures intricate details with remarkable precision.

Intelligent Alerts

Advanced AI-powered motion detection distinguishes between people, pets, and objects, providing you with relevant notifications and reducing false alarms.

Customizable LED Lighting

Tailor the ambience of your space with adjustable LED lighting options. Set the mood, enhance visibility, or create an inviting atmosphere – all from the convenience of your mobile device.

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Elevate Security with Cellerius: Your Gateway to Wireless Vigilance and Smart Surveillance

Tired of security hassles? Let Cellerius redefine your peace of mind with effortless surveillance and unmatched convenience, breaking free from worries and ensuring your safety.

Experience a life enriched with superior connectivity and heightened digital security with Cellerius. Embrace a world where worries about security and surveillance are a thing of the past, allowing you to explore online realms without constraints on your peace of mind or your budget.

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What Makes Cellerius #1 in Security?​

Wireless and Easy Installation

Cellerius supports 2.4GHz WiFi, with no need for additional installation steps. Simply connect it to your router for quick setup.

Remote View & Night Vision

Control the camera angle via the app and access real-time views on your devices, even in total darkness.

Real-Time Motion Detection and Alerts

Cellerius employs a highly sensitive motion sensor that sends instant alerts when movement is detected.
Quick Installation

With the Cellerius Light Bulb Security Camera, setting up your surveillance system is a breeze. Spend minimal time on installation and maximize your security.

Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on your home from anywhere, anytime. Whether you're at work, in a meeting, or even miles away, the mobile app allows you to stay connected and vigilant.

Two-Way Audio

Even when you're away, you can communicate with visitors or family members in real time. The two-way audio feature lets you stay connected and engaged.

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cellerius Easy To Install
Installing Cellerius  is as simple as changing a light bulb, and setting it up takes less than a minute. The  Light Bulb Security Camera connects through an easy to use APP via your home Wi-fi. The video can be viewed anywhere in the world on your iPhone or Android device
Discover What Our Customers Are Saying About Cellerius
"I'm truly impressed by the Cellerius Light Bulb Security Camera. It not only provides exceptional lighting but also keeps a watchful eye on my home. The video quality is impressive, and the mobile alerts give me peace of mind even when I'm away. Highly recommended!"

Sarah M.

"This camera exceeded my expectations. The ease of installation and the ability to control the rotation through the app make it a winner for me. I love the two-way communication feature – it's like having an extra set of eyes and ears at home."

John T.

"I was searching for a discreet security solution that wouldn't compromise the aesthetics of my home. The Cellerius Light Bulb Security Camera fit the bill perfectly. The camera's integration into a light bulb is genius, and the app interface is user-friendly. Great job!"

Emily W.

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