MagPlug - Revolutionizing Your Charging Experience
In a world where our smartphones are the lifelines of our daily lives, there's one thing we all crave: simplicity. MagPlug is the answer to this craving. It's not just a wireless charger; it's your gateway to a charging experience that's effortless and seamless.
With its cutting-edge technology, MagPlug transcends the boundaries of conventional chargers. By enhancing neuromuscular activity and facilitating cellular rejuvenation, it offers more than just charging; it breathes new life into your devices.
Meticulously Engineered for
Your Utmost Convenience and Satisfaction

MagPlug also offers a range of other benefits.

With MagPlug, convenience and device rejuvenation are right at your fingertips, offering not just efficient charging but a transformative experience as well. Embrace a new era in wireless power with MagPlug, where advanced technology meets convenience. Feel the magnetic pulse of revitalization as it aligns and powers up your devices.

Effortless Attachment

The ingeniously built-in magnets secure your device in place, preventing slips and mishaps.

On-the-Go Power

Charge your phone anytime, anywhere, thanks to the convenience of MagPlug.

Safety First

Multi-functional intelligent technology shields your device from overcharging and short circuiting.

Next-Gen Compatibility

Designed for Qi-enabled smartphones, MagPlug is your wireless charging companion.

Optimized Design

The compact dimensions (1x3x3 inches) make it perfect for any space.


With a lightweight design of just 3 oz, it’s your ideal travel partner.

Elevate Your Charging Experience with MagPlug: The Ultimate Solution for Effortless Wireless Power

Seeking a break from the demands of modern life? Enter MagPlug, the innovative wireless charger engineered to provide you with instant, hassle-free power, so you can bid farewell to battery woes without sacrificing convenience.

With MagPlug, you can enjoy a more revitalized and convenient lifestyle, all while ensuring your devices stay powered. Say goodbye to charging hassles without breaking the bank.

Why MagPlug is Your Top Choice for Wireless Charging

Discover the Outstanding Features of MagPlug: Your Ultimate Wireless Charging Solution

Universal Compatibility

Designed to work with a wide range of Qi-enabled smartphones and devices, MagPlug offers versatile compatibility. Whether you have an Android or an Apple device, MagPlug has you covered.

Fast 15W Charging

MagPlug delivers 15 watts of charging power, significantly reducing the time it takes to power up your Qi-enabled devices. It's a perfect solution for quick top-ups during your busy day.

Secure Magnetic Attachment

The unique magnetic attachment system of MagPlug holds your device firmly in place during charging, preventing accidental slips or disconnects. Your device stays securely in position throughout the charging session.

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What Powers Your Devices?"
MagPlug is powered by electricity, making it a dependable source of energy for your Qi-enabled devices. With its magnetic alignment and fast 15W charging capability, MagPlug efficiently transfers electrical energy to your devices, ensuring they stay powered up without the hassle of traditional cables. Plus, MagPlug is designed with energy efficiency in mind, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly charging solution for your gadgets.
Discover What Our Customers Are Saying About MagPlug
I am in love with MagPlug Charger. I bought one for my girlfriend and one for myself. It is MagPlug charger, so quality is great, but what I like best about it is that it's MagPlug charger and no more charging cables!

Joeby Ragpa

A few months ago, I was tired of all the wires for my phone! So I bought a MagPlug charger from my friend James and it's the best decision I've ever made. No more wires flying all over the place, thank to James and his amazing product.


“MagPlug is a top-notch wireless charger. It’s compact, lightweight, and the magnetic connection is strong and secure. The fast charging speed is a bonus. I’m thrilled with its performance.”

Neil G.

Note: MagPlug is engineered to offer efficient wireless charging through its advanced magnetic technology. To ensure optimal usage and reap its full benefits, we recommend consulting the user manual provided.

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