Enjoy a Mosquito-Free Environment
Introducing ZapAway, the ultimate solution to keep your space mosquito-free and enjoyable. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, ZapAway is the perfect addition to your indoor and outdoor settings.
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Innovative Technology, Unrivaled Performance - Mosquitoes Don't Stand a Chance!"


Introducing ZapAway Limited Edition

Experience the ultimate solution to mosquito troubles with the ZapAway Limited Edition. This specially crafted version enhances your surroundings, ensuring you can enjoy every moment without the annoyance of mosquitoes.

Efficient Mosquito Eradication

Say goodbye to those irritating mosquito bites. ZapAway utilizes cutting-edge technology to attract and swiftly eliminate mosquitoes, allowing you to relish your surroundings in peace.

Portable and Versatile

Whether you're at home, camping, or hosting a gathering, ZapAway is easily transportable. Its versatile design makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, providing mosquito protection wherever you need it.

Chemical-Free Solution

Unlike conventional mosquito repellents that contain chemicals, ZapAway offers a safe and eco-friendly approach. It employs UV light to attract mosquitoes and a fan to trap them, ensuring a toxin-free environment for your loved ones.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

ZapAway operates discreetly, ensuring uninterrupted moments of relaxation and tranquility. Its quiet performance ensures that you can sleep soundly or engage in activities without disturbances.

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Tight Schedule? ZapAway Mosquito Killer Keeps Your Space Pest-Free

For those with jam-packed schedules, finding time to deal with mosquitoes is often a hassle. Enter the ZapAway Mosquito Killer – the ultimate solution for keeping your space mosquito-free, even amidst your busy routine.

What Sets ZapAway Apart as the #1 Mosquito Killer

ZapAway stands out with its exceptional features and performance that surpasses the competition.

Safe and Chemical-Free

Unlike traditional methods, ZapAway is chemical-free and safe for your family and pets. It uses UV light to attract insects and an electric grid to zap them, ensuring a toxin-free environment.

Quiet and Non-Disruptive

With its whisper-quiet operation, ZapAway ensures peaceful surroundings while efficiently taking care of your mosquito problems.

Easy Setup and Cleaning

The user-friendly design of ZapAway allows for easy installation and maintenance. Simply plug it in and empty the detachable tray to dispose of the insect remains.

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What Features does the ZapAway have?

Compact and portable

It is a relatively small and portable device. Thus, you can take it with you to hotels, or simply keep it in your home.

360 Degree operation

Mosquito Killer Lamp can zap mosquitos all around it, thanks to the 360-degree operation.

Easy and Convenient Setup

Setting up ZapAway is a breeze, making our camping preparations hassle-free. Its portable and user-friendly design allows me to quickly install and activate the device wherever we set up camp.
Discover What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say!
This mosquito racket is really good because it kills mosquito without producing harmful chemicals or fumes. Products like good night coil is really harmful for our health because of it's smoke. So this gadget is really beneficial for home purpose.

Clarence D.

The mosquito racket's electric grid is powerful enough to kill mosquitoes and other flying insects on contact. There are nothing best than this product for mosquito solution. Go for it.

Annie C.

Mosquito Killer Trap Lamp is great machine. First thing which is like that It's not required electricity continuously just charge & used. Easy to carry anywhere, Best Quality Material, You can charge it through laptop USB.

Jack A.

Note: ZapAway is designed for indoor use and is highly effective in eliminating mosquitoes and other flying insects. However, it should not be used outdoors as it may not be as efficient in open spaces. Always follow the user manual for safe and effective operation.

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Cleaning the ZapAway is usually straightforward. Most models feature a removable collection tray or drawer where captured mosquitoes are stored. Simply detach the tray, empty it, and clean it with mild soap and water before reinserting it into the device.
Yes, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure the device’s effectiveness. Cleaning the collection tray and replacing the UV light bulb (if applicable) at the recommended intervals will help maintain optimal performance.
Yes, the ZapAway is most effective when used at night or in low-light conditions. Mosquitoes are more active during these times, and the UV light from the lamp can attract them effectively.

Disclaimer: The manufacturer may modify the product name or packaging for marketing purposes, but the quality and specifications of the product will remain consistent and unchanged. By purchasing this product, the customer acknowledges and agrees to this potential change in product presentation. yah