Ultra Heater Pro Compact Plug-In Heater Space 400 (EU) & UK only



Swift Heating Capability
The ceramic heating element enables the rapid generation of energy-efficient warmth, attaining the desired temperature within a mere 3 seconds.
Energy Efficiency and Portability
Operated by a ceramic heating element, the appliance ensures energy-efficient performance, providing effective heating while conserving energy.
Overheat Protection
The PTC ceramic element is self-regulating and fortified with an overheat protection mechanism, adeptly managing thermal levels.
Customizable Temperature & Noiseless Operation
An adjustable thermostat control empowers you to regulate the ambient temperature for optimal heating. This operation transpires in silence, ensuring a serene atmosphere.

Ultra Heater Pro Compact Plug-In Heater Space 400 (EU) & UK only $75.99$303.96

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The Optimal Selection for Limited Spaces: Ultra Heater Pro 400W Plug-and-Play Heater
With an unwavering focus on small appliances, our commitment lies in crafting exceptional products that effortlessly blend convenience and elevated experiences for discerning customers. Ultra Heater Pro Sales presents meticulously engineered offerings that aim to simplify your daily routines. Our design philosophy is grounded in consumer insights and extensive research, culminating in solutions that cater to your everyday needs.

Experience Instant Warmth with the Ultra Heater Pro Handy Heater! Swiftly plug in and power up this compact marvel, tailor-made for your convenience. Capable of heating up to 250 square feet of space, this potent ceramic heater proves versatile in any setting, whether it’s garages, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more.

Safe and Family-Friendly Heating Solution

Enjoy warm and cosy nights with peace of mind with Ultra Heater Pro. With its advanced safety features, it provides safe heating for the whole family. The ceramic plate is encased inside the device, eliminating exposed heating elements. Its body is designed to prevent burns, allowing for easy portability. The heater also features overheat protection and a timer option, which ensures it will shut off automatically when it reaches the temperature limit or when you have set the timer.

Perfect for Every Room in Your Household

Minimize your winter heating expenses by efficiently warming the specific room you’re occupying with this tower space heater. Decrease the thermostat setting in unused areas to prevent unnecessary heating costs. Thanks to its portability, you can effortlessly move this heater from one room to another.

Optimize Bedroom Comfort

Experience enhanced comfort in your bedroom by utilizing the 400W heater as a supplementary heat source, promoting a peaceful night’s sleep.

Transform your Living Space with its Heating Capabilities

Leverage the versatility of the 400W heater by incorporating it as a living room or home heater. Its portable and compact design enables effortless movement throughout your house, allowing you to enjoy warmth wherever you need it.

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Ultra Heater Pro is a compact and portable device designed to provide localized warmth in small spaces. It offers convenience and energy-efficient heating solutions for areas such as bedrooms, offices, dorm rooms, and more.
Ultra Heater Pros typically utilize a heating element, often ceramic, to generate heat. When powered on, the heating element warms up and releases heat into the surrounding area, raising the temperature and providing comfort.
Ultra Heater Pros are versatile and can be used in various settings, including bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, garages, and even outdoor spaces like tents. Their compact size makes them suitable for spaces where traditional heaters might not be practical.
Yes, many Ultra Heater Pros are designed to be energy-efficient. They are intended for spot heating, which means they focus on warming up the immediate vicinity rather than trying to heat an entire room. This targeted approach can help conserve energy and reduce heating costs.

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Heat Output

‎2000 Watts


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