Back Fix Pro Posture Clavicle Support Correct Belt Therapy for Men and Women,Give You Healthy Life and Shape Your Body

Original price was: $66.65.Current price is: $39.99./each.


High grade suede fabric in the front, and soft, lightweight, absorbent and breathable foam with litter holes straps in the back.
With Premium quality materials, you can wear it inside and outside of the clothes.
This posture correction can relieve back, neck, shoulder pain, promote blood circulation. It is good for back and neck problems such as Poor Posture, Rounded Shoulders, Collar Bone Pain, Fibromyalgia, AC joint injury, Hunchback.
It can effectively align your spine to be the ideal posture, improve personal temperament, make you taller and more confident.

Back Fix Pro Posture Clavicle Support Correct Belt Therapy for Men and Women,Give You Healthy Life and Shape Your Body $66.65 Original price was: $66.65.$39.99Current price is: $39.99./each.

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Commence living with greater comfort and confidence.

You can comfortably wear Back Fix Pro underneath your clothes without any added bulk! Its "barely there" design makes it suitable for any outfit.

Back Pain

Muscle Fatigue

Poor Focus


Rounded Shoulders

Pot Belly

Correct Your Posture With This Simple Device

The moment has arrived to IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE! Your posture is influenced more than you realize by your lifestyle, including your occupation, stress levels, and even the way you use your phone to text. Your body is molded by the way you lead your life.

Those recurrent episodes of back pain? They are the consequence. Fortunately, it’s not too late to counteract the indications and repercussions of poor posture!

BackFix Pro is an easy-to-use device that can help improve your posture without requiring you to make any changes to your daily routine. It can reduce the discomfort that comes from poor posture, making it possible for you to work or exercise without experiencing any aches or pains.

Allow BackFix Pro to provide the much-needed support for your back! Ignoring the issue will only make it more severe over time.

BackFix Customers Reviews


Great product, very comfortable to wear, easy to use and did help a lot with back pain and posture. I recommend it!


I suffer with osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis and this product has helped me. My bone density and other factors have improved. You can adjust the straps. It is very lightweight and it is not noticeable under moderately loose clothing. I would recommend this product to anyone, it’s never too early to recognize if your posture needs to be adjusted.


David A.

I bought this to help with pain I've had for 4 months or so. This item helped within minutes! It was easy to put on, simple to adjust, and comfortable to wear.


Kirya L.

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The Backfix Pro posture corrector is designed to provide support and alignment to the spine, shoulders, and neck. It helps train your muscles and encourages proper posture by gently pulling your shoulders back and aligning your spine.
Yes, the Backfix Pro posture corrector is designed to be discreet and can be worn under clothing. Its slim and lightweight design allows for comfortable and inconspicuous use.

It is recommended to start with wearing the Backfix Pro posture corrector for shorter durations, such as 15-30 minutes per day, and gradually increase the time as your body adjusts. Follow the usage instructions provided with the product for best results

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