Wise Plug Power Save, Energy Saver, Electricity Saving Box Household Office Market Device Electric Smart US Plug 90V-250V 30KW

Original price was: $98.Current price is: $49.95./each.

Wise Plug Power Save, Energy Saver, Electricity Saving Box Household Office Market Device Electric Smart US Plug 90V-250V 30KW $98 Original price was: $98.$49.95Current price is: $49.95./each.

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Saving Energy and Money
br /> The WisePlug is designed to do some clever work: it evens out voltage, balances current, and adds a layer of protection against power surges. These teamwork functions come together to help you save energy and cut down on your spending. This energy-saving gadget also boosts the performance of your electrical devices, preventing the waste of electricity and extending how long they last.
Tiny Extra Use
br /> The WisePlug Energy Saver itself hardly uses any energy, which makes it perfect for trimming down how much power your appliances use, like fridges, air conditioners, and TVs. It won’t make your electricity bills any heavier, even if you keep it running all day, every day.
Simple to Use

Using the WisePlug Energy Saver is a breeze. Just pop it into a power outlet. When the little green light turns on, you’re good to go. Leave it connected and watch your energy usage drop, possibly saving you 20%-35% on electricity for your big devices. You’ll start seeing the energy-saving effects in about a month, and after 2-3 months, you’ll be seeing the best results.

Just a Reminder

Different places have different power outlets and voltage levels. This thing might need an adapter or converter to work in a new spot. Make sure it’s compatible before you buy.

Intelligent Devices for Efficient Energy Use

Cut Down on Electricity Usage and Save!

This smart energy-saving gadget is designed with precision to help stabilize voltage, balance current, and prevent overheating. This, in turn, extends the lifespan of your electronic devices and aids in reducing your electrical costs.

How to Use:

Simply insert the power factor optimizer into any electrical outlet in your home, making sure it’s securely connected. The indicator light should turn on.
Operating it is a breeze—just insert and plug. Depending on how many household appliances you have, you can use one or more power factor optimizers.


Conserve Energy and Reduce Electricity Costs!

The Pro Power Saver is a robust solution designed to help you save energy effectively, resulting in significant reductions in energy consumption. By effortlessly installing this compact device into an electrical outlet, you can achieve an impressive reduction of 20%-35% in energy usage, which directly translates to lower electricity bills.

Composition: Constructed from flame-resistant ABS material

Rated Voltage: Compatible with voltages ranging from 90V to 240V

Frequency: Works seamlessly with both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies

Dimensions: Compact measurements of 3.86 inches in length, 2.28 inches in width, and 1.14 inches in height

Load Capacity: Capable of accommodating a load of up to 30,000 watts (30kW)

An Issue That Might Capture Your Interest

How Do Energy-Saving Devices Help Conserve Energy?

Intelligent energy-saving tools achieve energy-conservation results through various mechanisms. They optimize voltage, balance currents, reduce transmission inefficiencies, provide compensation from the energy source, automatically adjust currents based on electrical energy usage, and enhance power factors.

Can Energy-Saving Devices Operate Safely Continuously, Year-Round?

Energy-conservation devices are constructed from flame-resistant materials and incorporate built-in safeguards against leakage. In cases of excessive heat, the power supply is promptly disconnected, resuming operation once temperatures normalize.

What's the Timeframe Before I Notice the Energy-Saving Effects?

Energy-conservation devices can remain plugged into any household socket continuously, all year long, without requiring removal. During the initial month, voltage stabilization and circuit purification take place. By the second month, current losses are efficiently managed, resulting in noticeable energy-saving effects. As time goes on, these outcomes become increasingly prominent.

In Which Settings Can the Product be Used?


For compact residences like dormitories or apartments under 1000 sq. ft., it’s advised to have 1-2 units.


For homes spanning 1000-2000 sq. ft., we commonly recommend using 4 power economizers.


Considering the prolonged use of computers and air conditioning in office environments, we generally suggest implementing six or more power economizers.


For moderately sized factories, we propose the use of 6 or more power economizers. These devices are effective in reducing excess power consumption during extended operations involving significant machinery.

Top reviews from the Product

Robert A.

Now this is an item that is a 2 pack my summer electric bill is usually about $400.00 a month in Florida it has been the hottest summer in history my bill never went over$189.00 this year. So now ordered as a Christmas gifts for my parents I is the best investment you can give for Christmas and it saves money all year long


I have 2 units and I am completely satisfied. I was just hoping I can save at least $10 per month....but I'm actually saving a lot more.


Debra T.

I plugged mine close to my outdoor meter for best results. My bill was definitely lower...I'll keep monitoring to see how well it really works. I've seen positive and negative reviews. A family member recommended that I try it. Definitely no regrets.


Sandra R.

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

The power-saving device operates by harmonizing voltage, balancing current, and providing surge protection. This convergence of functions collaborates to result in effective power conservation.
Absolutely, the power-saving device is designed for easy use. Simply insert it into any available power outlet in your home or workplace, and it will start operating automatically.
Certainly, the power-saving device is equipped with a multi-layered safety system. This ensures comprehensive protection for both your appliances and your well-being.

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Wise Plug




250 Volts

Special Feature

Energy Efficient, Surge Protection

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0.66 Pounds