PulseRelax Natural Pain Relief with Our Innovative Device (Pro)


PulseRelax Natural Pain Relief with Our Innovative Device (Pro) $99.95/each.

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Improved Blood Circulation
Engineered with 6 distinct modes and adjustable intensity settings, expertly catering to various muscle groups and promoting enhanced blood circulation. Equipped with an electromagnetic wave leg massager and a compact cervical massager for added convenience.
Cervical Spine Relief
Tailored for office professionals, homemakers, and individuals engaged in regular exercise routines. Also includes a slimming EMS arm shaper.
User-Friendly Operation
Simplifies localized muscle relaxation and alleviation of fatigue, suitable for all age groups. Activation requires just a double press of the “ON/INC” button.
Portable Design & USB Charging
Compact and lightweight, it can be discreetly concealed under clothing, suitable for all skin types. The device is rechargeable, offering up to 8 hours of usage after a full charge. Easily carried in your pocket, bag, or wallet, ensuring availability wherever you go.

PulseRelax Electric Massager: Your Solution for Pain Management and Relaxation

By precisely placing the machine at the site of pain, you can experience rapid relief without resorting to potentially harmful or addictive prescription medications. Whether dealing with discomfort stemming from sore and achy muscles in the shoulders, waist, back, neck, upper limbs (arms), or lower limbs (legs) due to exercise strain or daily activities, this device offers immediate comfort. It emulates a natural process akin to your body’s own mechanisms, aiding pain reduction through nerve stimulation.

Usage Guidelines:

Prior to using the device, make sure it is adequately charged. Begin by assembling the main unit and attaching the patch. Place the patch on your body and then adjust the mode to initiate operation.

The PulseRelax device is designed to automatically shut off after 20 minutes as a safety feature. This prevents unintentional prolonged use or falling asleep while using it. Because of its user-friendly design, you can easily restart the device if you need more time.

6 Massage Modes

PulseRelax offers a selection of 6 meticulously crafted pre-programmed massage modes, distinguishing itself from conventional electric therapy devices. These modes ensure uncomplicated operation and precise control, adeptly addressing muscle discomfort and soothing physical unease. Universally applicable, irrespective of location.

Incorporated High-Speed Rechargeable Battery

Equipped with a sturdy built-in battery and accompanied by a USB charging cable, PulseRelax can be effortlessly rejuvenated through various USB interfaces, including power banks, computers, or wall outlets. A mere 20 minutes of charging provides an impressive 5 hours of continuous functionality. A full charge requires 3 hours, and with a recommended daily usage of 1 hour, the device can last for up to 30 days.

Consistently Reliable Stimulation

Mode 6 generates a steady frequency and current, prompting electrical impulses to traverse the skin and reach nearby nerves. This effectively interrupts pain and mitigates the impact of pulse irregularities. Additionally, it can be employed for relaxation and facilitating the onset of sleep if desired.
PulseRelax introduces an array of 6 meticulously designed pre-programmed massage modes, setting itself apart from conventional electric therapy devices. These modes ensure simple operation and precise control, effectively targeting muscle discomfort and alleviating physical tension. Universally applicable, regardless of your geographical location.

This method is a secure, non-invasive, and entirely medication-free approach to pain relief, a technique trusted by physical therapists for proficient pain management.


Prior to usage, start by affixing the device onto your skin. Excessive hair on the skin might potentially affect the efficacy of the pulse.
Operating the device is remarkably straightforward; kindly adhere to these steps:

Top reviews from the Product

Timothy N.

Pulse Relax worked wonders on my muscle pain. Within minutes of using it, I felt immediate relief and relaxation. Highly recommended for anyone dealing with sore muscles.


I was amazed at how such a small device could deliver such powerful results. Pulse Relax is my go-to for relieving muscle tension and promoting better blood circulation.


Joseph J.

Pulse Relax offers various massage modes and intensity levels, allowing me to customize my muscle therapy experience. It's a versatile device that caters to my specific needs.


Paul L.

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

The Pulse Relax Massager uses electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles, promoting improved blood flow and relaxation. It helps alleviate muscle pain and tension.
Yes, the Pulse Relax Massager is designed with safety in mind. It has adjustable intensity levels and built-in safety features to ensure a comfortable and safe user experience.
No, the Pulse Relax Massager is rechargeable and does not require batteries. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery for your convenience.
It is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any underlying medical conditions before using the Pulse Relax Massager. They can provide guidance based on your specific situation.

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Pulse Relax

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