Nova Sleep Adjustable Breathable IR Intelligent Anti Snoring Device Watch for Men Women

Original price was: $92.23.Current price is: $49.95./each.


Efficient Energy-Saving Feature
Experience the convenience of an intelligent energy-saving device equipped with an automatic 8-hour shut-off mechanism.
Enhanced Sleep Quality
Benefit from an automatic background and ambient noise filter that effectively detects and identifies snoring users, ensuring a more peaceful night’s sleep.
Safety and Convenience
The device operates seamlessly and boasts user-friendly functionality, providing maximum comfort and ease. Upon detecting snoring, the bracelet emits a gentle electrical pulse to stimulate nerve endings in your skin.
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Nova Sleep Adjustable Breathable IR Intelligent Anti Snoring Device Watch for Men Women $92.23 Original price was: $92.23.$49.95Current price is: $49.95./each.

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Breakthrough Device stops snoring Immediately!​

The sad truth is that snoring keeps your children away from you. Recent reports indicate that children prefer to sleep in a different room than their parents, just to avoid their snoring.
In fact, snoring can cause such high degrees of strain, it could even be one of the factors your child becomes indifferent to you.
So what exactly do we do? There is a solution to this problem just like with most sleep disorders.
Try Nova Sleep, it’ll make your life more enjoyable and reshare bedtime stories with your children again, bring happiness back into their lives!

How does it works?

It monitors the sound of the room while you’re sleeping
Its intelligent biosensor detects if you are snoring
If it discovers any snoring, it sends a tiny electrical feedback impulse to your wrist.
This gentle impulse is enough to make you shift positions – which stops the snoring.
This Nova Sleep anti snore device uses nerve stimulation to train the wearer to reflexively suppress snoring. And best of all, wearers experience no harmful side-effects or discomfort!

Nova Sleep stops Your snoring without waking You Up!​

The electrical feedback from the Nova Sleep Wristband does not produce a strong enough signal to wake the snorer up. Instead, it sends a gentle electrical signal to the wearer’s wrist to stop the snoring. That said, if the feedback signal feels too strong (or weak) to you, you can set the signal output as high or low as you like it. The Nova Sleep Wristband is fully adjustable to your liking!

The Nova Sleep Wristband has given thousands of people a chance for their first good night’s sleep in years! And because both partners can now get a good night’s sleep, they begin to see a huge improvement during their lives – they are more alert, more rested, more focused, and in a better mood.

Top reviews from the Product

Willis P.

I had been having a problem with my husband's snoring and he was getting no sleep either. I tried everything, even those "pressure" neck pillows. The one that actually worked for us was Nova Sleep. We have had no problems since we started using it.


“Believe me, my wife tried everything. She tried using special pillows and collars that supposedly keep your windpipe aligned. Nothing ever worked until she tried the Nova Sleep wristband. The Nova Sleep wristband stopped my wife's snoring completely. It was like a miracle. I feel like I have my wife back! Just to get a good night’s sleep!”


Richard T.

I had tried everything but nothing worked. I used the Nova Sleep wristband and it eliminated my husband's snoring problem. It has saved our marriage and family life.


Marjorie D

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Yes, the electrical pulse emitted by the wristband is safe and non-harmful. It is designed to be gentle and comfortable, aiming to encourage a natural response without causing any discomfort.
Absolutely, the Nova Sleep is user-friendly and designed for ease of use. Simply wear it on your wrist before sleeping, and it will automatically detect and respond to snoring.
An Nova Sleep device is a product designed to help reduce or alleviate snoring during sleep. It employs various mechanisms to encourage proper airflow and minimize snoring sounds.

The effectiveness of anti-snore devices can vary from person to person. It depends on the underlying causes of snoring. Some individuals may experience significant improvement, while others may find minimal benefit.

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