EZ 6Pack electric muscle toner has 6 modes and 9 levels of intensity optionally.


EZ 6Pack electric muscle toner has 6 modes and 9 levels of intensity optionally. $199.95 $79.95/each.
Total: $199.95 $79.95

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Product Overview

The product showcases 6 modes and 10 levels of intensity, contributing to both adiposeaining objectives reduction and muscular advancement. Diverse modes and intensities can be chosen to achieve your coveted muscle-training objectives.

Perfect for muscle reinforcement and weight management. It facilitates the refinement, toning, and strengthening of bodily muscles. With consistent utilization over roughly 2 months, discernible bodily enhancements can be attained.
Exceptionally lightweight, remarkably slim, and resolute in durability. Effortless to transport, you can seamlessly don it beneath your attire for muscle training whenever the moment arises.
Holistic fitness training that caters to an array of exercise requisites.
Note: Better use the EMS muscle stimulator with low level for first time. Use 12 mins every time. Tighten and strengthen your muscles and make you get a better body.

Workout for Busy People with Tight Schedules

It’s the highest Customer rated Muscle Stimulator on the Internet

It is easy to use. Just set the device to the place where you want to strengthen muscles, then press the button to begin. It is light and rather small to carry for muscle training during the working day, watching TV, etc. Use the electric signals directly to stimulate your muscles.

How to use

Find out What EZ 6Pack Users have to say

Janie T. McKenna

"Very good device. As soon as I put it on my abs, I could feel it working. Can see some results after 3 days. Would recommend to everyone."


"The truth is, you know it's going to work when you attach it to your stomach, arms and legs. You instantly feel it working your muscles. Slightly strange feeling at first, but I love mine. Thanks."


Betty W. Collum

"I bought one of these a few years ago. Had some results with that one, but this 2023 version is soooo much better. Beach body here we come!"


Desiree A. Randle

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EZ 6Pack contracts 90% of your muscles at once. It also stimulates the more difficult muscles that aren’t engaged during regular training. This can’t be obtained with ordinary weight training.
Ez6Pack training is a high intensity training program which is focused on the depletion of glycogen stores in the muscle. In order to benefit from this training, you will be required to consume a healthy eating regimen consisting of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. This will assist in the recovery from an ABS PRO training session. It is recommended to include light to moderate cardiovascular training as well as full body stretching.
Clients have felt results with just one session, and seen results within 3 to 6 consecutive training sessions (once a week). These impacts are greatly enhanced with following a healthy lifestyle.
Depending on the type of injury and severity, Ez6Pack training can be regulated around the injured area to assist in improving circulation as well as avoiding any additional pressure. Ez6Pack whole-body training has been developed to improve daily functional movements and increase range of motion in all planes. Every training session is with a qualified Personal Trainer, who will alter the sessions to fit your personal needs.

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EZ 6Pack

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