Revolutionize Your On-the-Go Nutrition with iBlend Portable Blender!

Rechargeable Battery

The built-in rechargeable battery allows you to blend up to 10 smoothies on a single charge, making it perfect for extended outings.

Powerful Stainless Steel Blades

iBlend's high-quality blades effortlessly crush ice, fruits, and veggies, creating silky smooth drinks every time.

Leak-Proof Lid

The secure and leak-proof lid prevents spills and accidents during transportation, ensuring mess-free blending.

Easy Cleanup

Stylish Design

Blend Anywhere

Time-Saving Efficiency

Blend What You Want Anywhere to Create Smoothies, Protein Drinks, and Much More

Iblend are designed for you!

How It Works

Discover the Seamless Functionality of the iBlend Portable Blender!

The iBlend Portable Blender brings you a hassle-free blending experience, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on a spontaneous adventure:

1. Powerful Blades:Equipped with high-quality stainless steel blades, iBlend is capable of effortlessly crushing ice, fruits, vegetables, and more. The powerful blades ensure that your ingredients are blended to perfection, creating silky-smooth textures.

2. One-Touch Operation: Operating the iBlend Portable Blender is as simple as pressing a button. The one-touch operation ensures that even busy individuals can enjoy freshly blended drinks without any complicated processes.

3. Compact Design: With its compact and lightweight design, iBlend is the ideal companion for those always on the move. The blender easily fits into most bags, allowing you to blend wherever you are.

4. Rechargeable Battery: The built-in rechargeable battery provides the iBlend with the power it needs to blend up to 10 smoothies on a single charge. This feature makes it perfect for extended outings or days when you’re constantly on the move.

5. USB Charging: Charging the iBlend Portable Blender is a breeze with the included USB charging cable. Connect it to a power source, and your blender will be ready to go in no time.

Elevate Your Lifestyle: Why Choose the iBlend Portable Blender?

Uncover the compelling reasons that set the iBlend Portable Blender apart from the rest. Discover why health-conscious individuals and busy go-getters are making this innovative blender an essential part of their daily routines:

1. Convenience Redefined: The iBlend Portable Blender introduces a new level of convenience to your life. With its compact size and lightweight design, you can blend your favorite beverages anywhere, whether you’re at the gym, in the office, or on a road trip.

2. Nutrient-Rich Options: Say goodbye to compromising on your nutrition. The iBlend allows you to craft nutrient-packed smoothies, shakes, and more with ease. Enjoy the power of fresh ingredients, no matter where you are.

3. Time-Saving Efficiency: Save precious minutes and skip the long lines at cafes. The iBlend lets you whip up your favorite drinks in a matter of seconds, so you can stay energized and focused on your day.

4. Comfortable Ergonomic Design: Designed for all-day wear, the ergonomic shape of iBlend Ear Pods ensures a snug fit in your ears. Enjoy comfort even during extended listening sessions.

5. Fashion-Forward Design: Designed for the modern individual, the iBlend Portable Blender not only serves a functional purpose but also complements your style. Show off its sleek and stylish design as you prioritize your health and well-being.

6. Empowering Freedom: Embrace the freedom to blend your way. With its powerful blades and one-touch operation, iBlend empowers you to create your customized blends, ensuring your drinks suit your taste preferences perfectly. 

What Makes the iBlend best choice?

Easy to store

iBlend blends your drink, detach it from the bottom base blender and carry it anywhere or store it on your refrigerator. iBlend is very easy to store.

Silent Partner

Big Performance, less noise Featuring a built-in technology, iBlend can be your silent partner. It makes very little noise as compared to other blenders.


It is extremely light in weight and portable. The maximum capacity of a Bolt is 350ml, weighs 438 grams, and has a volume of 9.96 x 3.11 inches.

Find out What iBlend Users have to say

Janie T. McKenna

"I like that it is easy to use and very convenient. I bought one originally and ending up buying another for a family member because they saw how much I used it."


"Its amazing experience to this company and the product is explant, its very helpfully, I can use every where."


Betty W. Collum

"Travel friendly, hostel friendly, easy to use. I have used it once and was well satisfied.Thankyou iBlend."


Desiree A. Randle

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High Quality Guarantee

Its sleek and stylish design makes it a great addition to any home or office space. Its compact and portable design also makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

iBlend Fruit Mixing Machine with USB Rechargeable Batteries
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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

The iBlend Portable Blender, a revolutionary product designed to make your health journey easier and more convenient. iBlend is a cutting-edge, compact, and lightweight blender that allows you to create delicious and nutritious smoothies, shakes, and juices wherever you are.
The iBlend Portable Blender’s built-in Lithium rechargeable battery can be fully charged within approximately 3 hours. Once fully charged, you can enjoy the convenience of blending your favorite drinks for up to 10-12 blends before the next charge.
The iBlend Portable Blender features an LED indicator on the base. While charging, the LED indicator will show the progress, and when the battery is fully charged, the light will turn green.
The shipping weight of the iBlend Portable Blender is approximately 1 lb 1oz. The lightweight design ensures that it’s easy to transport and won’t add significant weight to your luggage or backpack during shipping.
Yes, the powerful customized steel blades of the iBlend Portable Blender are designed to handle tough blending tasks, including blending frozen fruits and ice cubes. You can easily create delicious and refreshing smoothies with frozen ingredients.

Disclaimer: The manufacturer may modify the product name or packaging for marketing purposes, but the quality and specifications of the product will remain consistent and unchanged. By purchasing this product, the customer acknowledges and agrees to this potential change in product presentation.


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